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Xhalisse is an alternative rock band hailing from Midwestern Australia, known for their ethereal vibes, blended with a grungy twist.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Xhalisse, an alternative rock band hailing from the  landscapes of Midwestern Australia. With their ethereal moments and grunge influences,  Xhalisse crafts a sonic tapestry that transports listeners to hazy realms of introspection. Led by  singer-songwriter Sarah O'Malley, their distorted melodies and poetic lyrics evoke a delicate  balance of light and shade, capturing the essence of ethereal enchantment whilst at times moving into punchier, heavier territory. 

Enveloped by the beautifully haunting sounds of violinist Mel Carter, energetic drummer Riley Sice, and the multi-talented Nick Mondello on bass, trumpet, and backing vocals, Xhalisse invites you to explore the depths of  their atmospheric realm, where dreams and reality intertwine. Step into their world and discover a  captivating journey through the delicate interplay of lightness and darkness. 


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