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Founded in 2019 as a solo project by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Sarah O'Malley, Xhalisse has evolved into a dynamic ensemble that produces atmospheric alternative rock  tunes with ethereal, grunge, and psychedelic influences. 

The musical journey of Xhalisse began back in 2015, when Sarah O'Malley first took the stage performing originals under her own name, enchanting audiences with her stripped-back, yet soulful performances. As her creative vision expanded, she felt the need to capture the essence of the evolving sound and production style, leading to the birth of Xhalisse. In 2019, with the addition of bassist Alida Wright and drummer David Jackson, the band took shape, reflecting a new sound and production approach that encompassed dark, lush alternative rock and dream pop compositions. That particular lineup disbanded in mid 2022, leading to the formation of it's current members.

Xhalisse's current lineup showcases the exceptional talents of its members. Sarah O'Malley takes the lead on guitar, vocals, and songwriting, crafting introspective and captivating lyrics that  resonate with listeners. Adding an ethereal touch to the mix, Sarah occasionally incorporates otherworldly flute melodies and piano/ keys into their performances.  Joining her are Mel Carter, whose evocative violin parts further enhance the dreamy atmosphere, and add interesting texture and mood  through her use of various effects pedals and distortion, Riley Sice,  who drives the rhythm on drums and helps build up the energy and musical journey, and Nick Mondello, contributing with his expertise on bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar and even the trumpet. 

With their ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes juxtaposed with grunge influences, Xhalisse is building  a devoted following in the Midwest and beyond. Their music transports listeners to otherworldly realms while retaining the raw, introspective spirit of grunge. Xhalisse's live performances are a testament to their artistry, as they bring their intricate compositions to life with an energy that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. 

As an ethereal grunge outfit, Xhalisse has carved out a unique space in the  alternative rock scene. Their music pushes boundaries, immersing listeners in a sonic landscape that oscillates between ethereal beauty and gritty intensity. Each release from Xhalisse showcases their unwavering commitment to innovation and their dedication to crafting an unforgettable musical experience.

Some highlights for the band during 2023 were playing multiple sets at Nannup Music Festival and Shore Leave Festival, taking out overall winner of Geraldton's Battle of the Bands, amongst a stacked lineup of local talent. Xhalisse have supported artists such as Shangrila, Billiam & The Split Bills, The Waifs and Mama Kin Spender on their West Coast tours and are carving out time win the studio to work on upcoming releases. Watch this space!

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