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Xhalisse is a band from Midwestern Australia which is making fresh sounds and going places. Starting off as a solo project by singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Sarah O'Malley in 2019, Xhalisse is an act which produces distorted dream pop and alternative rock tunes with ethereal, grunge and psychedelic influences.


Having performed since 2015 going by her name Sarah O’Malley, Xhalisse was formed in 2019 to reflect the new sound and production of dark, lush alternative rock and dream pop songs. It developed into a band at that point with the addition of members Alida Wright on bass & David Jackson on drums, before reforming  into its current lineup with Sarah on guitar, vocals and songwriting, Mel Carter on violin, Riley Sice on drums and Nick Mondello on bass, BGV's and trumpet. 

With a diverse range of influences and entirely unique sound, Xhalisse offers music inspired by otherworldly female artists such as  PJ Harvey, Lush, The Gathering & Warpaint.  The band solidifies a distinct sound and musical direction for Xhalisse, which has brought it into heavier and fuller alt-rock territory and an evolving, eclectic sound that is brought about from the varied  musical  inspiration and experiences of each band member.

Since solidifying the reformed band in late 2022,  Xhalisse has played sets at Nannup Music Festival, all ages gigs and local shows, is set to play Shore Leave Festival soon and are gearing up to record a follow-up to 2021 EP Prophet Moon.

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