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Xhalisse is an alternative rock band from Midwestern Australia, known for their blend of ethereal dream pop, grunge influences and diverse instrumentation. Founded in 2019 by singer-songwriter Sarah O'Malley, Xhalisse combines distorted dream pop and alternative rock with varied musical elements, creating a unique sonic experience. 


The band's lineup includes Sarah on vocals, electric guitar and flute,  violinist Mel Carter, drummer Riley Sice, and bassist Nick Mondello, who also contributes trumpet and backing vocals. Together, they enrich Xhalisse's sound with their diverse musical talents.


Xhalisse's poetic lyrics explore personal experiences, employing metaphors to delve into profound themes related to life and society. Their thought-provoking lyrics invite listeners to reflect and connect with their own emotions and perspectives.


With their captivating music and introspective lyrics, Xhalisse creates an immersive sonic journey that captivates audiences. Their live performances are known for their energy and artistry, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. Their unique sound and poetic approach to songwriting have left an indelible mark on the music landscape, pushing boundaries and solidifying their place as a band to watch in the ever-evolving alternative rock scene.

Artist Bio Under 100 words

Xhalisse, the alternative rock band from Midwestern Australia, achieves a mesmerizing balance of light and shade in their ethereal sound. Xhalisse blends distorted dream pop, alternative rock, and diverse instrumentation to create a cathartic sonic journey. Their poetic lyrics explore profound themes, inviting listeners to reflect and find solace. Pioneers in the dream pop and ethereal grunge movement, Xhalisse's unique sound and thought-provoking music inspire and push boundaries. With captivating melodies and introspective words, Xhalisse continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark in the evolving alternative rock scene.

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